The myth of the pregnancy glow - where did it go?

I'm back, and I've made it to the 3rd and final trimester, now that calls for fecking party in my books - shame it's the last thing I feel like! So I'm 26 weeks sick, ehm pregnant, and counting down! In fairness I am enjoying it more now than the first 17 weeks of the appropriately named "death zone" but it's just NOT the pregnancy journey I was hoping for.

We are having a baby!

Welcome to Debs journey into through pregnancy and into motherhood. Debs will be providing a regular honest blog inviting us into her dreams and aspirations but then honestly showing us that reality is sometimes very different!

Travelling without kids

Occasionally we have the opportunity to travel without our precious children. Its a little scary, a little worrying but as Hubby and I have just discovered its also awesome!

Surviving long haul flights with kids

Hopefully this blog will provide loads of ideas on how to survive long haul travelling with wee ones. You never know it may not be as bad as you actually think!!!!

The most perfect Mothers Day

There is often so much pressure around mothers day. We have taken a step back and investigated the 5 languages of love to help you and your loved ones understand the most perfect way to show their apprecitation for you.

Taking time to appreciate the little things

I have recently received a card from a close friend stating "Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy" It was certainly a gentle reminder from a sweet friend and it made me pause and reflect.

Car trips - How to survive the "are we there yet"

New Zealand is such a beautiful and easy country to travel by car, the scenery is spectacular and roads generally uncluttered, yet within minutes of beginning a long trip our kids transform from excited angels into bored, whining, scrappy little imps and we wonder if perhaps we had made a mistake setting out!