Taking time to appreciate the little things

I recently received a greeting card from a close friend. The wording stated "Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy". It was certainly a gentle reminder from a sweet friend and it made me pause and reflect. I am sure my friends and acquaintances shake their heads at me always doing 100 miles per hour, in top gear, always overcommitted, time poor, and rushing through life. Of course I have always been like this, its intrinsically me and how I've been made..... busy being busy..... Wayne and I commit fully to our businesses, family and life, weekends are usually just another working day (with the inconvenience of having no school), public holidays and school holidays busier times still.

I don't think I can change the type of person I am, perhaps 100 miles an hour is just my cruising speed. Life is just going to be busy for a few years more so my "pausing" would have to be our holidays and family breaks. Where ever we go now, I am now finding that its just awesome and a whole lot more fun to have input from the whole family. See what is available where you are going, make a list of a heap of things that the family could do during their break. At the start of the holiday let everyone choose something they would like to do on "their day". How awesome for a child to choose something they would love to do - its their holiday too, and for everyone to have a blast doing that chosen activity. It could be anything from fishing a river, skiing or boarding your favourite ski field, the excitement of a theme park, going to an aquatic centre, hiking a mountain, sharing a kids movie or just a picnic and day at the beach (as long as there is ice cream!). It becomes special for that person that they have given their family a wonderful time. For the family to thank that child for the amazing day, sees them grow an inch taller with pride, and their smile becomes enormous.

Just remember to have days with nothing planned - yes this is also a huge reminder to myself!!!! It is so important to just enjoy each others company, rules are relaxed, we have a break from work and the daily chores - its time to play and regroup, throw a frisbee, make a daisy chain, lay in the sand, find pictures in the clouds, talk to each other and just do what ever you like! This time will be the most precious and memorable time of your holiday.